Manuel Turizo Toast Crunch, front of box
Manuel Turizo Toast Crunch, front of box and a Manuel Turizo Toast Crunch baseball cap
Manuel Turizo Toast Crunch, back of box
Manuel Turizo holding two Manuel Turizo Toast Crunch boxes

Manuel Turizo Toast Crunch

Featuring Manuel Turizo

This is the final collectable box in our Cinnamoji Takeover series.

The Cinnamojis have rounded out their takeover by partnering with global Urbano singing sensation, Manuel Turizo, to create Manuel Toast Crunch. In what might be their rowdiest design yet, the Cinnamojis bring the hype to the dancefloor while Manuel’s Cinnamoji double graces the stage on this one-of-a-kind collectable box.

Only sold online, this limited drop will include an exclusive snapback hat that will have you channeling MTZ’s cool style. But that’s not all, on the back of the box via a QR code, you will get access to a behind the scenes look from the set of his latest music video.

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Limit 2 per order.

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